Highest Bio-Content Spray Foam Insulation

Imperial Sugar Partners with SES Foam

SUGAR LAND, TEXAS (January 4, 2012) – SES Foam and Imperial Sugar Company announce the introduction of SucraSeal™, an environmentally friendly, open-cell, Class 1 sucrose-based spray foam insulation. SucraSeal is one of the greenest spray foam products on the market with a finished foam green content of 25%. It is fire-resistant, passes the ACC 377 Appendix X test and does not require chemical barriers and coatings. SucraSeal offers an energy-efficient and sustainable solution for commercial contractors and residential homeowners seeking a greener alternative to petroleum-based insulation products.

SES developed SucraSeal in conjunction with Imperial Sugar Company. SES combined their urethane knowledge with Imperial Sugar Company’s natural product knowledge to develop a product expected to lead the polyurethane spray foam industry.

SES Foam uses a patent pending technology to produce a .5 PCF and 1.0 PCF formulations of SucraSeal. The .5 PCF boasts a finished foam green content of 17% and the 1.0 PCF boasts a finished foam green content of 25%. Both products meet the USDA’s BioPreferred® Program qualifications and their green content has been determined by ASTM D-6886. The SucraSeal spray foam line is formulated using water-blown technology so it contains no ozone depleting CFSs or HCFCs, giving it an added degree of green content and renewability.

“SucraSeal insulation offers high-yield and an R-value of 3.7 per inch, is VOC and formaldehyde free and virtually odorless. The SucraSeal spray foam line offers superior fire-resistance and passes the ACC 377 Appendix X test for flammability uncoated without the use of an ignition barrier. SucraSeal’s patented process makes the foam fire-resistant. The fire-resistance is built into the foam itself. SucraSeal’s natural and superior fire protection is less expensive to produce and install because it does not require the addition of a chemical fire barrier coating,” explained Charles Valentine, COO, SES Foam, LLC.

“Sucrose is a renewable resource, making it cost-competitive compared to petroleum-based spray foam. Sucrose is natural and sustainable and has numerous uses in addition to being a food source. It is used in pharmaceuticals, epoxies, bio-plastics, detergents, cosmetics and more. Sucrose-based spray foams have the potential to provide a revolutionary impact in a variety of applications by replacing widely-used petrochemical-based compounds. Our scientists are continually investigating sucrose’s functional properties in order to develop products with promising uses such as SucraSeal,” said John C. Sheptor, CEO, Imperial Sugar Company.

“Imperial Sugar Company strives to be a leader in non-food based sucrose technology applications. We are proud to help commercial builders and residential homeowners make their houses healthier, safer, more energy efficient and greener with SucraSeal spray insulation,” said Thomas Rathke, PhD, Managing Director Specialty Sweetener Division, Imperial Sugar Company. “Even with its sucrose content, SucraSeal has zero food value for rodents or insects. It is naturally mold, mildew and water resistant, is anti-microbial and provides excellent thermal and sound control. It cures
instantly, provides an air-tight seal, is dimensionally stable, stays firmly in place and will not settle,” said Valentine.

SucraSeal is offered exclusively through SES Foam licensed dealers. Limited contractor partnerships are available on a geographic basis for insulation installers with a history of safety and quality operations.

For more information:  Information@SESFoam.com

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