Highest Bio-Content Spray Foam Insulation

We at SucraSeal Foam focus on high value natural products. We believe our current products have the highest bio-based content of any product in the market along with having superior, built-in fire retardant properties.

We stand on documented performance and provide straightforward information regarding our products and the industry. It is our goal to provide a valuable quality product to the market. By using bio-based raw materials we are able to reduce the amount of petroleum based ingredients in our foam and thereby achieve the high bio-based content of our product.

ASTM D-6866 has been used to document the bio-based content of line of SucraSeal products and this is the standard upon which we rest our commentary. It is our company’s intention to reduce the misconceptions associated with polyurethane spray foam. We truly believe that polyurethanes are the best, low cost insulation products in the marketplace. SucraSeal Spray Foam products are only available through approved contractors. We consider our contractors to be the best in the industry.

This limited number of professionals will support the highest quality in the industry and are the most knowledgeable in the industry. We at SucraSeal Foam understand the quality of the contractor has more to do with the performance of your structure than does the polyurethane product. Our contractor base allows for this unique combination of a leading edge patented product applied by leading contractors so that the final customer can be assured the best finished product the industry has to offer. You will only find this dedication to quality and safety and cooperation between supplier and contractor with SucraSeal and their contractors.


SucraSeal is a polyurethane foam product with high bio-based content. Polyurethanes are an integral part of most of our lives. Polyurethanes are used in cars, mattresses, adhesives, coatings, refrigerators, coolers, footwear, seating, faux wood, and medical devices among other things. Polyurethane is a very versatile chemical able to be produced with a wide range of properties from extremely flexible foam which is soft enough to sleep on to hard elastomers used in bowling balls. They vary in density from as low as 0.5/lb per cu ft to over 60 lbs per cu ft. Polyurethanes have been around for many years and society is very comfortable with the products produced from polyurethanes. The chemistry of these products is well understood and the final inert products have held their properties for long periods of time. Polyurethane as an insulation material is another well understood application. Walk in coolers, picnic coolers, refrigerators, insulated transportation vehicles, hot water heaters and other insulating devices have used polyurethanes as their insulating material for years. Polyurethanes have proven themselves to be a low cost energy efficient insulator accepted by industry for years. Polyurethanes flow to fill cavities and form to molds allowing complex structures to be well insulated. The refrigeration industry has used polyurethanes to not only insulate the many products they produce but in some cases certain polyurethanes have been used to increase the strength of the final product.